I am best known as a film photographer from Swedish Television, where I worked for over 40 years (1958 - 2002) and participated in drama productions such as "A merchant's house in the archipelago", "Gösta Berlings Saga", "Glappet", "Andersson's Mistress", "Hem Till Byn" and several art programs and for many years "Tekniskt Magasin." In 1950, I started studying to be a photographer at the Handicraft Association's art school in Gothenburg. This was followed by apprenticeships with the court photographer Gösta Lidén, Gothenburg and later at Wezäta photo studio in Gothenburg under the direction of the legendary photographer Sixten Sandell. As part of the training, I photographed artists and jazz musicians. At the same time, my interest in moving images awoke. Bought in installments a 16mm film camera and varied between photography and filming. As an example, I am probably alone in having a film sequence with Charlie Parker during his visit to the Gothenburg Concert Hall in 1950. When I retired, I looked up my old footage and processed this in a computer. You can see some of the results here. Hope the pictures will arouse interest


Contact via email: takska@yahoo.com